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What Is an Appendectomy?

The appendix is a small, tubular organ located in the lower right of the abdomen and attached to the large intestine. Inflammation of the appendix is called appendicitis, and if left untreated, it could result in the rupture or perforation of the appendix. A perforated appendix releases bacteria and other harmful substances into the abdomen and can be a life-threatening condition. When this occurs, our general surgeons may perform an appendectomy, which is the surgical removal of the appendix to treat appendicitis. We are proud to serve as a trusted source for appendectomy procedures in Northern California. For more on the surgical treatment of appendicitis, please contact Sierra Pacific Surgical in Roseville or Folsom, CA.

When should an Appendectomy be performed?

Symptoms of appendicitis include:

  • Stomach pain, typically in the lower right of the abdomen
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Rigid abdominal muscles

If appendicitis is suspected, it is important to visit the local emergency room as soon as possible. For patients who are referred to Sierra Pacific Surgical for their appendectomy, the surgery may be performed open or with a laparoscopic for a more minimally invasive surgery. 

Appendectomy FAQ

Is an appendectomy a major surgery?

An appendectomy is considered major surgery and is commonly performed on an emergency basis, such as if appendicitis is present or when the appendix bursts. It is performed under general anesthesia in most cases. On average, appendectomies take about an hour to complete. Our skilled surgeons routinely perform appendectomies for Sacramento-area patients.

How long is the hospital stay for an appendectomy?

Appendectomies conducted with a laparoscopic approach may be performed on an outpatient basis. If an open appendectomy is required, patients generally stay in the hospital for 1 – 2 days post surgery. Our Sierra Pacific Surgical team can further discuss when and if a hospital stay might be needed.

How long does it take to recover from an appendectomy?

Recovery following surgery for appendicitis may last 2 – 4 weeks on average, as many individuals are able to resume normal daily routines within this timeframe. Patients who undergo minimally invasive laparoscopic appendectomies may heal more quickly and often resume normal daily activities within 1 – 3 weeks following surgery. Instructions will be provided on what to expect during recovery and how to care for the incision(s) as they heal.

Prompt Care for Appendicitis

An appendectomy is a common procedure that is often provided on an emergency basis. For patients needing this life-saving surgery, Sierra Pacific Surgical offers quality, innovative patient care, from pre-op to post-op recovery. To learn more about appendectomies performed by our Sacramento area general surgeons, please contact one of our centers in Roseville or Folsom, CA.

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