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What is LINX?

For many, heartburn caused by acid reflux can be a debilitating condition that can wreak havoc on daily life. However, thanks to modern technology, living with acid reflux doesn't have to keep you from living life. At Sierra Pacific Surgery, we are proud to offer the LINX Reflux Management System. This type of acid reflux surgery may often be suggested for patients who have not seen a reduction of acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) after altering their lifestyle and diet or taking medications.

When we eat, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) opens and closes to allow food to enter the stomach. However, for some people with a weak LES, food can seep back out of the stomach, causing the acid reflux sensation. The LINX system is a flexible band of titanium beads that are situated around the esophagus and support the LES, which reduces gastric pressure. However, it's not so strong that an individual cannot swallow, belch, or vomit, which are natural bodily functions.

Our general surgeons in Roseville and Folsom are available to help individuals with acid reflux get the relief they deserve. To connect with a provider who performs LINX in Sacramento, CA, and to schedule a consultation with our team, contact your nearest Sierra Pacific Surgical location.

How Does LINX Work?

If you are experiencing such painful acid reflux that you're considering surgical intervention, we suggest you first schedule a consultation with one of our skilled physicians at Sierra Pacific Surgical. We will perform an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and other tests, such as esophageal motility testing. This will help us evaluate if you are a good fit for this procedure versus traditional fundoplication surgery. If you have weak esophageal peristalsis, a hiatal hernia larger than 2 cm, difficulty swallowing, a BMI of over 35, or Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia, you may not be a candidate.

To perform this procedure, we will place you under general anesthesia. We will then insert the LINX device, which will be placed strategically to support the esophagus. Surgery typically lasts about an hour but may vary depending on your particular needs. After your surgery, we may suggest you stay in the hospital overnight. This allows us to ensure you experience no anesthesia complications. Generally, you should be able to eat after 48 hours and get back to your normal activities within a few short days. However, exercise such as weight lifting, sit-ups, and more should be avoided for 3 – 6 weeks or until we tell you it's safe to begin again.

After about seven days, we'll check in with you to ensure you're feeling already, then will perform a post-op exam after about two weeks to check your healing progress.


What are the risks associated with the LINX® Reflux Management procedure?
All surgical procedures have some risk, such as infection or risk associated with anesthesia. However, these risks are small. The most common side effect you can expect with LINX is difficulty swallowing and pain following your procedure. You may also experience some bloating, but this is all normal and should fade on its own.

Who can have LINX?
Prior to determining if you're a good candidate for LINX, we will meet with you and perform a detailed assessment. If you're considering LINX for GERD, we will keep in mind:

  • Your age (you should be over 21)
  • If you've responded well to heartburn medications in the past
  • If you've had an incomplete response to proton pump inhibitors

Difficulty swallowing, a hiatal hernia bigger than 2 cm, a BMI of 35 or greater, and a few other factors may disqualify you for this procedure.

Can I have an MRI after getting LINX?
MRIs are performed using strong magnets, and LINX beads may react strongly to that magnetic force, which could cause injury, therefore it's suggested that you do not undergo an MRI if you have LINX.

Find Relief From GERD with LINX

If you or a loved one experiences heartburn from acid reflux that just seems to exist no matter how you alter your diet or lifestyle, or no matter which medications you take, you may want to consider LINX from Sierra Pacific Surgical. This minor surgery is performed to help strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which is where acid reflux develops. If you're ready to take charge and manage your GERD, contact either our Roseville or Folsom, CA office to request a consultation.

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