What Can Genetic Testing Reveal About Your Health?

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Many people talk about genetic testing when they are wondering if they have a certain disease, but this diagnostic tool is usually used to determine if someone is predisposed to a certain condition or disease. Our expert team, who serves patients near Sacramento, CA can help determine if genetic testing would benefit you. Schedule a consultation with Sierra Pacific Surgical in Folsom or Roseville, CA to learn more about if genetic testing can help you.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a diagnostic service that helps determine if you are at an increased risk of developing diseases, such as cancer, due to genetic and hereditary factors. However, just because you might be at an increased risk for developing a disease does not mean you will automatically get it. If you know you are susceptible to diseases like cancer, you can make sure to get regular screenings and keep up with your daily health to help prevent diseases early. If you think you might be a candidate for genetic testing, contact Sierra Pacific Surgical near Sacramento, CA to learn more about how our expert team can help you.

What can I learn about my health with genetic testing?

Since genetic testing is designed to determine if you are predisposed to a certain disease, you can start working toward preventing it. If you know you are at an increased risk of getting cancer, then you may want to avoid doing anything that damages your cells and further increases that risk. The same is true for any other diseases that are linked to your genetics. There are many things that affect your likelihood of getting a disease, including your environment, diet, exercise, and more. If you know you are susceptible to a disease, you can start planning to make changes to your lifestyle to help reduce the likelihood of developing the disease. You can also arrange frequent exams and screenings to catch diseases early.

How does genetic testing work?

After scheduling an appointment with our expert team, you will be sent a text from AVA (Ambry’s Virtual Assistant). This is a survey that contains questions regarding your medical history. This is designed to help determine your risk for hereditary forms of cancer. Risk assessment tools and criteria will assess your answers to determine if you are eligible for genetic testing. If you are, once you arrive at your appointment, you will have a saliva sample taken. This sample will be forwarded to Ambry Genetics® Lab for testing. This generally takes around three weeks. After this is done, our team will go over the results and what they mean for you.

Where can I get genetic testing in Folsom and Roseville, CA?

Genetic testing can help you determine if you are at an increased risk of developing hereditary cancers and other diseases. After you have these results, you can start making changes to your lifestyle that help promote the prevention of these diseases. Our offices serve patients near Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact Sierra Pacific Surgical in Folsom or Roseville, CA for a full consultation on the overall state of your general and genetic health.

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