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What Is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing, or DNA testing, can help determine if an individual is at a higher risk for developing cancer or other diseases due to hereditary factors. Serving the Sacramento, CA area, Sierra Pacific Surgical is proud to offer the CARE Program™ for genetic testing from Ambry Genetics® to identify patients who may be predisposed to certain medical conditions. CARE (Comprehensive, Assessment, Risk, and Education) is a diagnostic solution that incorporates an advanced screening tool to assess whether a patient is a candidate for genetic testing. With this proactive approach to cancer risk assessment, our general surgeons can assist with the early detection and possible prevention of some hereditary diseases. For more on CARE genetic screenings, please contact our Roseville or Folsom, CA general surgery practice today.

How Does Genetic Testing Work?

After scheduling an appointment at Sierra Pacific Surgical, patients will receive a text survey from Ambry's Virtual Assistant (AVA). The survey contains questions about their family and personal medical histories and is designed to assess their degree of risk for specific hereditary cancers. An array of risk assessment tools and criteria will then be used to evaluate these answers and determine if an individual is eligible for genetic testing. If so, they will be given a saliva test kit upon arrival at our office for their appointment. The saliva sample will then be forwarded to the Ambry Genetics lab for testing, which generally takes about 2 – 3 weeks. When a patient's test results are complete, our physicians will explain the outcomes of the CARE process and discuss any additional testing or treatment recommendations. Patients can also talk with a genetic counselor for further information about their DNA testing results.


Who is a candidate for DNA testing?

Ideal candidates for DNA testing in Sacramento, CA, are those who are at risk of or who have been diagnosed with diseases or conditions that may be hereditary. Understanding the genetic risks of certain conditions or diseases can help patients and their loved ones better manage their present and future health needs. It also provides valuable insight into how these medical concerns might impact other members of their family.

What other conditions can genetic testing detect?

Apart from hereditary cancers, DNA tests can help identify the potential to develop other common or rare medical conditions. Ambry’s genetic testing centers on four individual disease categories, including inherited cardiovascular conditions, hereditary cancer, rare health conditions, and hereditary neurological disorders. These tests help determine if a patient carries specific genes or genetic mutations that could increase the risk of developing certain diseases or conditions.

Is DNA testing covered by insurance?

A number of insurance plans offer coverage toward genetic screening services. Any additional or out-of-pocket costs for DNA testing may vary according to individual insurance coverage and benefits plans. Patients seeking DNA testing in Sacramento, CA, are encouraged to contact our team at Sierra Pacific Surgical to learn more about the insurance process for genetic testing.

Learn More About Genetic Screenings with CARE

The CARE Program at our Northern California practices can help determine if patients may be at an elevated risk for certain types of cancer and if they qualify for DNA testing. It can also allow individuals to have a more comprehensive understanding of their health and better manage any present or future medical needs. For more on the benefits of genetic screenings and how they may help with the early detection and prevention of cancer, please contact Sierra Pacific Surgical in Roseville or Folsom, CA.

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