Colon Cancer Surgery in Sacramento, CA

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What Is Colon Cancer Surgery?

Colon cancer is a serious health concern that often requires surgical care. In many instances, a surgical approach offers the best treatment option for patients diagnosed with various stages of colon cancer. At Sierra Pacific Surgical, our leading general surgeons provide open and robotic surgery for Sacramento area colon cancer patients using the latest in advanced technologies and techniques. Colon cancer surgeries often focus on removing the cancerous portion of the colon, nearby lymph nodes, and some of the tissue surrounding the area. The entire colon may require removal in some cases. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with colon cancer, please schedule a consultation at our Folsom or Roseville, CA practice location to learn about your surgical options.

How Is Colon Cancer Surgery Performed?

When colon cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, it can often be treated through minimally invasive surgery. This may include the removal of polyps (polypectomy) during a colonoscopy or the removal of a small portion of the inner wall of the colon during an endoscopic mucosal resection. Robotic surgery with the da Vinci surgical system might also be possible, which involves small incisions in the abdomen to access cancerous areas. In some cases, a colectomy may be performed by our general surgeons with laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Advanced stages of colon cancer may require an open surgery procedure, which involves creating a larger opening in the abdominal wall to access the colon. These surgeries may include removing all or part of the colon (along with surrounding lymph nodes and tissue) and reconnecting the colon to maintain its function. A colostomy may also be necessary when the healthy portions of the colon cannot be reconnected. With a colostomy, the healthy end of the colon is affixed to an opening created in the abdominal wall and a colostomy bag is attached to rid the body of waste.

Advanced Treatment for Colon Cancer

Getting the expert, compassionate care you need when facing colon cancer is important to your health and quality of life. Our skilled general surgeons perform robotic and open colon cancer surgeries in several accredited surgical facilities throughout the Sacramento area. To schedule a consultation with one of our caring surgeons, please contact Sierra Pacific Surgical in Folsom or Roseville, CA today.

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